COMFORT CARE CLUB  in Huber Heights, OH

● One precision tune-up, cleaning and rejuvenation of your air conditioner or heat pump (early spring to summer)
● One precision tune-up cleaning and rejuvenation of your furnace or heat pump (early fall to winter)

● Lifespan. your system can last up to twice as long. The annual services you will receive as part of your CC membership can double the remaining life of your air conditioner or furnace efficiency
● Save $ and save the earth. your savings on utility bills can easily pay for annual service. Residential cooling and heating systems are the #1 users of electricity and gas in America.

B&K's annual service reduces breakdowns. Club members receive a reduced diagnostic fee and a discount on all repairs and services.

Terms of agreement: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or check. No refunds!